Still Life of a Writer in Quarantine

Insert pretentious caption here:
‘Still Life of a Writer During Quarantine’

A few things:
-I got so excited over planning my new novel that I tossed and turned all night. Now I’m brain dead (again) and can’t string together two words when it counts.

-This ramen deserves two very enthusiastic thumbs up. It’s spicy and delicious, even though it left me crying and snotting through dinner.

-This is my Alphasmart Neo, painted a lovely mint by Eric (under my art direction of course). It contains 8 files, holding up to 100K words each and you don’t need to charge it for months.
If you were focused and determined enough, you can write 8 epic fantasy novels in each file but I have chosen to write a rom com featuring a millennial heroine who majored in Art History (specializing in Early Colonial furniture making) and has finally paid off her crippling student loans. She is now at liberty to live, laugh, love and appreciate wood.

-Fun fact: I did not major in Art History but I got an A+ in an intensive Renaissance & Baroque Art History course and I can guide you through mediums and dates of ALL the Crucifixion paintings, but I cannot give you driving directions around my city. It’s the important things ya know;)

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