Once Upon a Photo Booth

Indigo Bay Book 2

Minimalism. Matchmaking. Makeovers. 

Elyse Darrow knows she excels at everything she puts her mind to.

Run a successful wedding photography business? 


Be a good mom to a stray dog? 

Piece of cake.

Loosen up the handsome yet tragically square veterinarian, Aiden Hines? 

It’ll take tough love to get this heir to a BBQ sauce fortune to flaunt the six-pack she knows he’s hiding underneath his dorky dad clothes, but somebody’s gotta do it.

Mentor and makeover her timid friend Viola? This is the challenge Elyse has been waiting for. Give her two weeks and she’ll transform this mouse into a confident woman…much like herself.

She’ll even prep Viola for dating—and she knows an Aussie barista who’s been shooting smoldering stares their way.

Despite what Aiden says, matchmaking is not meddling, especially when Elyse’s judge of character is always on point.

And while she’s at it, she might as well find a match for herself.

Someone spontaneous and exciting—the polar opposite of Aiden.

Autumn is the season for matchmaking in Indigo Bay. With Elyse playing cupid, what could possibly go wrong?

Once Upon a Photo Booth is an opposites attract romantic comedy that is as spicy and comforting as a generous helping of good old-fashioned Southern BBQ. Perfect for fans of Clueless.

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