An Influencer in King Arthur’s Court (Time Traveler #1)

An Influencer in King Arthur's Court Teresa Yea

It’s a wonderful life…

The life of an influencer.

125K Instagram followers. A coveted brand deal with a major fashion line and a tax-deductible trip to England.

Until a terrible misfortune happened to me at Stonehenge.

I dropped my phone. Cracked my screen.

My phone? Dead.

My brand deal deadline? Waiting…

I wander into a creepy gift shop run by a sultry clerk named Morgaine le Fey.

She fixes my phone and leaves me with a nasty surprise.

A trip to a dark and dank age.

No electricity or indoor plumbing.

Bloodthirsty mobs and horror of horrors…

No WiFi.

But a foxy wizard named Merlin acts as my guide, though I’m not sure if he wants to kiss me or kill me.

Hot Merlin takes me to Camelot, home of King Arthur, his Knights of the Round Table, and a hotbed of spicy royal scandal.

Armed with a tote bag full of modern gadgets, I land a job.

My name is Laurel Kirby and this is how I became a royal influencer in King Arthur’s Court.

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