Influencers Just Wanna Have Fun (Time Travelers #3)

Influencers Just Wanna Have Fun

My name is Laurel Kirby. 

I used to be a successful influencer until I met Morgaine le Fey, an evil sorceress with epic cheekbones and mad hacker skills. 

She installed a magic VPN on my phone and sent me back to Camelot, where I became King Arthur’s royal influencer. 

At court I taught Merlin, Arthur’s sexy advisor, to read the internet. 

He’s been my foxy time-traveling companion and a thorn in my side ever since.

After our last adventure, I’d hung up my time traveling hat for good. 

Not if Morgaine has anything to say about it… 

Just when I thought I was out, she pulls me back in. 

To 1987! 

Big shoulder pads. Rad music. Cursed Rubik’s Cubes. 

We’re in Miami, hunting for Morgaine’s son who got mixed up with the Scarface crowd.

Join me and my hot wizard companion as we: 

Embrace 80s fashion. 

Thwart a shark attack. 

Roll through neon nightclubs and dance to the rhythm of the night. 

It’s 1987 and influencers just wanna have fun. 

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