The Plant Nanny

The Plant Nanny

No one ever lies about being a botanist. 

So when someone declares they’re a botanist, you take them at face value. 

Through a series of harmless white lies, I land my dream job as a ‘plant nanny’ to a reclusive Seattle billionaire. 

It’s a live-in position on Rochester Farms. 

I have my own room and the freedom to roam the grounds.

My sole responsibility: care for Mr. Keene’s rare orchid collection in a gorgeous greenhouse. 

Just one problem… 

I don’t know anything about orchids!

Good thing my mysterious boss never sets foot on the estate. 

Until he springs a surprise visit on us. 

And I discover that Andrew Keene is as shamelessly sexy as he is filthy rich. 

My name is Lena Cooke and I’m here to offer you valuable career advice.  

Never lie about being a botanist.

But if you manage to fib your way into a sweet job as a plant nanny… 

Never, and I mean ever… 

Fall in love with your billionaire boss. 

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