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I’m in a weird transitional period in which I just finished a 1st draft and am setting the novel aside to marinate.

Today I’m brain dumping all my ideas for a new series. Wouldn’t it be romantic to brainstorm on my typewriter? Just one problem:

I don’t remember how to use this beast. The keys are hard to use and the ribbon is out of ink. What’s more: I’m not sure where to buy another ribbon OR if they even make ribbons anymore OR how to thread the ribbon, etc…

In the end, I gave up and decided to take an aesthetic photo of this typewriter while brainstorming on my laptop.

And THIS, my writer friends, is how you waste time …

But you know what’s not a waste of time? Signing up for my NEWSLETTER (👉👉👉link in bio …hopefully. Oh sh*t I better check that! Or on my website). See what I did there? 😉

You’ll get entertaining emails about my books (news on the long awaited pub dates), typewriter woes, and other strange things I’m into (there are many) delivered straight to your inbox without lifting a finger.

I promise I will never flood your inbox because I am honestly too lazy to write every week… so expect something every other week if I’m feeling ambitious or every other month if I’m my normal sloth-self. No emails on holidays and fortunately for YOU and ME… there are tons of US holidays.

Whatever the timeframe may be, you will be delighted by words you didn’t know you need. We’ll have fun… within reasonable business hours.

Sales pitch ya’ll… I think I’ve nailed it;)

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