Symphony In The Snow

He’s the Phantom of EDM. She’s his Angel of Music. 

Viola de Roet is afraid of many things:

Public speaking.

Being the center of attention.

And Eames Fawkes…

Eames terrifies her most of all.

It’s not because Eames is a world famous DJ.

Or because, during an impressionable age, she memorized every note of his debut electronic dance album and dreamed of a music career that’s forever out of her reach.

It’s because Eames hated her.

From the moment they met, he either ignored her existence or went out of his way to bully her.

Viola is used to being ignored.

Life is better when you stay under the radar and scurry away from fast-talking, foul-mouthed British DJs recovering from a motorcycle accident.

Under normal circumstances, Viola avoided Eames like the plague. She’d never dream of saying two words to him, much less visit his hospital room uninvited.

But today…

Viola was desperate.

Part rags to riches romantic comedy, part modern day reimagining of Phantom of the OperaSymphony in the Snow will have you cheering for the underdog.

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