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I’m a hopeless romantic who grew up on rom coms and romance novels. My favorite romance trope is the ‘love-hate relationship’ so there will be plenty of that throughout all my books.


I still believe in fairy tales and happily ever afters despite being intimately acquainted with the quarter-life-crisis. I like to think of myself as dark and tormented, but I own way too many stuffed animals and giggle way too much to support that theory. My earlier fantasy novels were populated with dark and twisty characters. Were they an outlet for my secret evil? You be the judge.


I am currently hard at work on my next project and pounding away on my mechanical keyboard. I type hard and write with passion, which usually amounts to a lot of noise.


When I’m not writing, I’m planning my next #bookstagram photoshoot, eating my way around the hipster part of town, baking French macarons with my foodie husband, and dabbling in minimalism.


Like a true elder millennial, I suffer from crippling ‘90’s nostalgia and wish I appreciated the decade more when I was actually living in it.


I’m obsessed—like unnaturally obsessed—with The Witch of Blackbird Pond by Elizabeth George Speare. I’ve read it 15 times since I was 11. It’s my safety blanket against ‘back-to-school’ anxiety. To this day I think about Kit and Nat and how perfectly suited they were to each other and then all is well with the world.