Hurricane Coralee

Hurricane Coralee

Cybersecurity consultant Elliot Cole lives and dies by efficiency.

He’s never late for a meeting and has never missed a flight. 

Until she walked into his life. 

Coralee Davis was trouble… 

Trouble in athleisure and a daisy scrunchie. 

Coralee, his cousin’s beautiful and extremely chatty ex-fiancée. 

They’re on the same flight. 

Stuck in the same storm. 

Strangers turned travel buddies crashing in a never-ending string of airports and forced to share a bed in a fleabag motel. 

All the while, Coralee names off all the fish in the sea and forces him to watch Beaches

Elliot left Iceland refreshed. Now he finally understands why his cousin calls her ‘Hurricane Coralee.’ 

She destroys everything in her path with her non-stop chit chat.  

She’s also the sunniest person a grump like him has ever met.

Will Elliot make it back to Indigo Bay without losing his mind —and his heart—to Hurricane Coralee? 

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