Black Heart Red Ruby Teresa Yea

A ruby red obsession…

Rock bottom. Familiar with it?
I’m living it.
It’s a high school expulsion and a dead end job.
A future as a pathetic nobody.
But you know what they say about rock bottom?
There’s nowhere to go but up.

I’ve got an ace up my sleeve. Or rather…a ruby.
Priceless. Magical.
A wicked jewel that can raise the dead.

There’s only one problem.
I don’t have it…

It’s hidden in an old mansion by the sea.
You know the kind. There’s one in every small town.
A house with an overgrown lawn and a grave or two.

Locals whisper about the ruby’s bloody history.
Tales of murder, madness, and curses…
But that’s just a load of crap.
Made up to scare off treasure hunters and tomb raiders.

Good thing I’m neither of the above.
I’m just a girl trying to make ends meet.
Every story needs a hero.
Every hero sheds a little blood…

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