My Witch of Blackbird Pond Book Aesthetic

Do you like the autumn vibes?

And this is when you know you’ve lost your mind over a book and need a life…
So The Witch of Blackbird Pond has been on my mind all week, resulting in a barrage of posts about Historic Wethersfield and all culminating in my activities this Saturday morning:

1. Making a book aesthetic (This is the not my first) of the book
2. Making a Stories of said book aesthetic
3. Taking a picture of my phone with Eric’s phone of my book aesthetic sprawled out on my 2 copies of The Witch of Blackbird Pond in order to maintain my own aesthetics. This is exactly what my 13 yr old self would do had I access to the power of screenshots and Lightroom.

What will next week’s obsession bring?

If you’re a WOBP fan, let’s talk about this aesthetic! Is this how you pictured Nat Eaton? Did you notice that I took a few creative liberties with the kissing, which never happened in the book because that would be sooooo scandalous. But in my personal mind movie I envision Nat + Kit kissing AFTER the ending, BEFORE he ‘speaks to her uncle’ and DURING a detour in to the Meadows.

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