The Cove Warehouse & Nat Eaton

Cove Warehouse in Wethersfield, CT
The Cove Warehouse in Historic Wethersfield, CT

You’ve probably seen the Cove Warehouse featured in my IG feed, but you’ve never… seen it this lovingly color graded. I’m in an obsessive The Witch of Blackbird Pond kick this week (more obsessive than usual. That is, we’re bumping up the fangirling to an 11).

Guys, this is the river warehouse that The Dolphin would’ve docked in and a certain nimble sailor with a mocking twinkle in his eyes would’ve unloaded his wares and tied his maritime knots. 🥰

I visited in October and the warehouse was closed for the season. I never saw the inside. BUT, I can see the interior in Historic Wethersfieldct’s feed, and I can only imagine Nat Eaton marching his fine self inside with a barrel of molasses hitched over his shoulder and a kitten tucked under his arm.

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Fascinating read on ‘The Cove Warehouse & Nat Eaton’—a captivating blend of history and personal narratives. Highly recommend exploring this unique blog!

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