A Tale of Two Alphasmarts

I have 2 Alphasmart Neos:

-The mint Alphasmart I bought in 2009 at full price ($230) and it has never crashed on me, except this year… and no, I wasn’t able to recover the file. Now I upload everything by the end of the day.

-The white Alphasmart I bought on eBay for $17 for the sole reason of taking it apart to paint it. I didn’t want to destroy the original Alphasmart in case I couldn’t put it back together again.

-I would totally paint the keys if I could except they will stick.

-I swap between the two when the mood strikes.

I enjoy browsing the Alphasmart hashtag and checking out other painted Alphasmarts. Such are the things that float my boat.

Do you have a sweet pimped out Alphasmart to show me?

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