The House of Seven Gables

The House of Seven Gables, Salem MA
The House of Seven Gables

Did you know author Nathaniel Hawthorne lived next door to the real life House of Seven Gables and dined there with the wealthy mistress of the house?

At supper she regaled him with tales of an ancient family curse spanning generations and a house built on an Indian burial ground.

There is a secret staircase behind the wall in the House of Seven Gables, a staircase so steep you have to climb it like a ladder and if you trip, you will most likely… die. 👻

Touring this house was so much fun! We went to the attic where there was a dollhouse replica of this house and carvings on the walls. I don’t think anyone noticed the carvings, but I did!

The markings counted down the days . Was someone trapped in the attic? 🤔👻🤭

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